New York, NY - October 3, 2008

The President, Board of Governors and the newly-formed Contemporary Art Committee of the National Arts Club (NAC), 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY ( ) are proud to present a performance by Andrey Bartenev, on Friday, October 10th at 8 PM. Moscow’s celebrated contemporary artist Bartenev will present his original art performance, “Shaking Angles.” This is the debut performance at the National Arts Club for this world-renowned artist, known for his innovative and experimental sculptural works.

The performance is curated by Contemporary Art Committee Chair and Chief Curator, Stacy Engman, MA in Contemporary Art. In “Shaking Angles” the performance’s title will be revealed through a series of movements and costume juxtapositions that toy with the audience’s optical sensory perception. Music for the presentation is written by Felix Ventouras (composer of a piece for the US synchronized swimming team in the Beijing Olympics), choreography is by Markram Hamdam and video design is by Alex Koch.

According to Bartenev, this program is well-timed, stating “My performance created for the NAC is particularly relevant for America and the rest of the world today because of our faltering economy. Looking at the dance of objects and transformation of Angles to Angels, listening to music of the 20th century and watching the video you might, in fact, get some idea of how to get rid of the Angles appearing for you during these stressful times and go directly to Heaven. Actually, I guarantee it.”

Bartenev is an artist, sculptor and experimenter. He is the creator of the recent sensation, “Connection Lost,” shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale and sculptural performances including “The Botanical Ballet,” “The Snow Queen,” “Mineral Water” and “The Royal Family Returns.” Of all of Russia's contemporary artists, Andrey Bartenev has entered the international consciousness most organically and is the only Russian artist working in the genre of the synthetic performance spectacle. Bartenev uses complex technical media to create unusual interactive actions, synthesizing different forms of contemporary art (video installation, performance, kinetic art, musical light shows, sculpture). Technogenic materials (neon, plastic, cellophane) combine with video, graphic art and light-boxes in a powerful burst of positive energy, igniting the viewer’s imagination.

Bartenev’s first performance in the US, “The Ladder of Red,” took place at the Robert Wilson Center in Watermill in 2002. From 2005 to 2007, he created “Caution! Cats and Dogs on the Road”, “Emily Likes the TV”, and “Animals Competition.”His work has been described as, “…magical installation costumes that recalled Russian constructivism” by The New York Times. He himself has been described as, “Walking pop-art Thunderer” and “Great eccentric, the hero of the cartoonists” by Vogue, Russia. The Independent (London) stated, “Bartenev’s performance art is at the forefront of the Russian artistic avant-garde. He’s the Damlen Hirst of the Arctic Circle…Not a single British performance artist has achieved a reputation matching this sensational artist…” Visionary magazine listed his work among “The most extravagant exhibitions of Venice Biennale 2007” and Russian GQ named Andrey Bartenev “Freak of the Year, 2007” in the “Russia’s 100 Most Stylish People” issues, where he was featured on the same page as Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The National Arts Club mission is to stimulate, foster and promote public interest in the arts and educate the American people in the fine arts. The club was founded in 1898 by Charles de Kay. Charles de Kay was the literary and art critic for The New York Times for 18 years. He and a group of distinguished artists and patrons conceived of a gathering place for artists, patrons and audiences in all the arts.

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